400s X Burpee-palozza

Happy Tuesday Crawlers!

So I know you all just had a combo speed strength workout last week, but I am hoping to convince you all to do another strength suffer fest this week! And really you guys should now be conditioned for a burpee-palooza right?
This is a short but pretty intense speed/strength combo. As usual, we meet at Cardozo and move over to Banneker if the track is locked. Workout includes: Every 3 minutes, complete 1x 400m. When you finish the interval, do as many burpees as you can before the 3 minutes finish. Repeat 8 times, count your total burpees.
The goal is to get more burpees than everyone else! Because there are a million burpee variations, if you want to compete against your running peers, choose a variation where your chest contacts the ground.
Since this portion of the workout is only 24 minutes, we can finish on some hills or a quick ab workout.
Credit to coach David Magida for the workout idea! See you guys tomorrow!
Crawl on!

1200m repeats with tabata workout!

Hi all,

This week, let’s do a combination of speed + strength! Meet 6:30am at Cardozo track (we will jog over to Banneker shortly after if the gate is closed).
The workout will be a 3 to 4 1200m repeats with our rests being a tabata workout. You will go hard to 20 seconds, doing as much of the workout as you can, then resting for 10 seconds.
Workout #1: Burpees (20 seconds with 10 seconds rest), Complete 8 rounds = total of 4 minutes
Workout #2: Jumping Lunges (20 seconds with 10 seconds rest), Complete 8 rounds = total of 4 minutes
Workout #3: Squats (20 seconds with 10 seconds rest), Complete 8 rounds = total of 4 minutes
1200m (if time allows!)
Hope to see you there, crawl on!

12 X 500m (Phew)!

We’ll meet at 6:30 am at the Sal Hall Stadium track, Cardozo High School (or the Banneker oval thingy if Cardozo is locked).

Tomorrow’s workout comes courtesy of Crawler Liz Lauzon, all the way from sunny Mexico City:
12 x 500 meters (at 80% effort), with 100 meter recoveries between.
Come join us, and welcome all of our new Crawlers to the Wednesday madness!


Hi Crawlers,

Tomorrow’s workout will be a contrast in longer and shorter intervals —
(1200m + 200m)x3 then wrapping up with two more short ones: 400m + 200m.
Pace will be 5K or faster for the 1200m and quite fast (however you want to define that) for the 200m. We’ll rest 200m after the 1200m, then 100m after 200m.
See you at 6:30 at Cardozo track!

Yasso 800s @ Banneker

Hi Crawlers,

Tomorrow we will be meeting at Bannecker Track for a classic yasso 800s workout.
**The Cardozo gate has been closed for Spring Break, but we should hopefully be able to return next week**
The traditional Yasso workout is 10 x 800. If you would like to do all 10, you are welcome to join me and Caroline starting at 6:10 am. If you would like to do the usual 3 mile of track work, come at the normal 6:30 am start time for 6 x 800. The rest after each interval is supposed to be as long as it takes you to run the 800 (so run the 800m in 3:30, rest for 3:30). Feel free to follow that format.
Otherwise, we will count down ~3 minute from when the leader finishes an interval, and we can use that metric to start each interval as a team.
Finally, congrats to anyone and all who ran Boston yesterday!


2017 Cherry Blossom 10-miler success!


Great job to all the Crawlers who completed the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday! We had a strong showing for a gorgeous race day!
Ashley Etue: 1:09:34
Andy Browne: 1:11:14
Pete Brunner: 1:08:34
Julie Dickerson: 1:04:43
Liz Lauzon (who came back especially from Mexico!): 1:08:07
Caroline Mosley: 1:04:43
Did I miss anyone?!
I think our track workouts are paying off, so stayed tuned for our weekly workout tomorrow!
Crawl on!