Who are the Crawlers?

Email Heather Kliegman (heather.kliegman@gmail.com), Julie Dickerson (julie.e.dickerson@gmail.com), and Jordan Konig (jordan_Konig@hotmail.com) to join our listserv and receive our weekly Wednesday workouts and other updates. 

COVID19 UPDATE: The Crawlers are still meeting weekly for our weekly track workouts. Due to the Cordozo Track being closed for renovations and COVID19, we are meeting at Roosevelt High School Track at 6:30am every Wednesday. We follow the CDC and Washington, DC’s guidelines and when mask requirements are in effect, we ask you bring a face covering so you can utilize it when social distancing isn’t possible.

To join workouts, please email the above Crawlers to be added to our listserve. You can also find us on Instagram at Cardozo_Crawlers. The workouts are posted and emailed weekly! We take pride in our running, but we take even more pride in being a friendly supportive group of folks who love running, seeing one another improve, and dragging each other out of bed to do Yasso 800s!

Pre COVID (and hopefully post-COVID), we usually meet at our namesake,  Cardozo Education Campus or Bannecker Track at  6:30 am every Wednesday to do track or hill workouts. All our welcome! We try to mix between distance and timed workouts to accommodate different speeds and abilities.

We are a friendly bunch of runners of all ages and abilities who enjoy running. Some of us ran in high school and college; others just discovered the sport a year ago. Some love running 5ks and mile time trials, while others get a running high by running ultra-marathons.

And if you live between the Friendship Heights and Cleveland Park, there is a small group of “Uptown” Crawlers that meet every Friday at 5:50am. Contact Sam McFerran at mcferran.sam@gmail.com for more details!

2 thoughts on “Who are the Crawlers?”

  1. Hi Sam,

    We met briefly 3-31-10, I had already completed my workout while you all were organizing. Had I not done interval training I’d have stayed. I’m gearing up for a 5k this Saturday. Will meet you all some Thursday a.m.

    I love wings and pints!


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