Crawlers Gobble Lots at Turkey Trots, Workout at Cardozo on Wed 6:30

G’day everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just wanted to give a shout out to all those who ran a turkey trot or a race this weekend.  It seems like there were a lot of great performances!  And not only did we race well, but we raced all types of distances s from the 5k the marathon and in many places including DC, Maryland, NJ, and Texas.     Special congratulations to Ben and Melissa for running the North Central Trail! They both thought it was a great race and were able to run well despite being less than 48 hours after  Thanksgiving dinner.  Ben ran a Boston qualifier and Melissa was right on target for 22 miles.  Great job to both of you! Other race results include:  Jeff set a 5k pr! Lauren ran 1:32 faster for 5 miles than she did in 2007.  Anthony ran his fastest 10k in some years.  Melanie got 2nd in her age group in a hilly  turkey trot in NJ! Do let know me know if I missed anyone’s results. Look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday at Cardozo at 6:30 for a fun workout!  I was thinking we could do the distance medley workout. 

Crawler Race Results: 

SOME Turkey Trot in DC 5k
Jeff 18:45 (7th in competitive age group)
ThunderCloud Turkey Trot 5 miler in Austin, TX
Sam 32:27
Lauren M 39:42 (1:32 faster than in 2007)
Morristown Turkey Trot 5k in Morristown, NJ
Melanie N (22:38 – 2nd in Age Group) 
YMCA Turkey Trot 10k in Bethesda, MD
Anthony B – 35:39 (2nd in age group!)
North Central Trail Marathon in Sparks, MD
Ben 3:02, Boston Qualifier
Melissa 3:57 




Group Run at Cardozo 6:30 on Wed, Turkey Trots & Crawler Holiday Party

G’day folks,

Brief Philly re-cap

Lauren and I had a great time in Philly.  We had beautiful weather.  We saw some very cool sights including the Eastern State Penitentiary and two cool art exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (one on German knights from the 16th century) another one was like being in a psychadelic Alice in Wonderland room (you’d have to be there…)  We also had great races.  The weather was incredible! The fans were great.  This year the bibs had your name on it, so for the whole race, total strangers were bellowing “Go Sam” – I thought, hey, more of my people are here..  We both ran very tough and although I think we’d like to have run maybe 1-2 minutes faster, we’re pretty pleased with the results considering how busy this fall’s been.  I ran 1:25 and Lauren ran 1:51.  Also, Glenn Dubin deserves a lot of credit for completing his 9th Philly Marathon! Go Glenn!

Today’s workout – Because many of us are racing on Thursday or marathoning on the weekend, how about we just have a group run of 4 or so miles.  Let’s plan to meet at Cardozo at 6:30.  

Races this weekend – Many of us are running Turkey Trots.  What a great running tradition – it basically is a great opportunity to race in the town where we go home for Thanksgiving, as well as allow us to have a good Thanksgiving dinner, knowing we earned it from the race earlier this morning.  Lauren and I are running the Turkey Trot in Austin, TX…Melanie, I know, is running in NJ.  And I’m sure many others are as well.  Plus, Ben and Melissa are running a marathon this weekend in Sparks, MD along the North Central Trail.  They both seem to be in fantastic shape!  Maybe the cranberry sauce and turkey will help them with their running.  Who knows?  Well, good luck to all those racing.

Crawler Party – Finally Jeff has announced that there will be a Crawler Holiday Party (2nd annual) at his place on December 18th.  More details to follow about what we can bring – but what a great opportunity to celebrate another great year for the Crawlers!

Sharing Running Memories: Rod Dixon at the 1983 NYC Marathon


Running has been part of my life now for over 20 years.  Wow!! That’s not true about most things in my life. 

It’s made me think about the early memories I have about running and how they helped shape my love for the sport.  I was hoping we could use this website to share some powerful memories that we have where we first got a flavor of the sport or maybe it was the first time that a seed was planted telling us that this was something we wanted to pursue or learn more about.

For me, that first memories was November 1983.  I grew up in the suburbs of New York City in Northern New Jersey (Go Jersey!).  Amidst my dilligent second grade studies, my father informed me that this Sunday we were going to go to New York City to watch the marathon.  He had gotten us tickets at the ‘grandstand’ at the finish of the race.  I didn’t know much about the sport.  I may have watched the race the previous year on the television, as the NYC television stations do a great job, but being an 8 year old I wasn’t sure what a marathon was or why this one was so special.  

So on this rainy day, the three of us go with our rain coats, packed lunches, and I believe the sports section informing us what we have to look out for.  Well, unlike most sports and even track meets, being at the grandstand at the end of the marathon is a lot of waiting and very little action.  We understood the race began at 8 am (or so) and in two hours and change, we would see the winner.  In the meantime, we waited, heard brief updates from the announcer on how the race was unfolding, and saw the great crowds begin to surround the Tavern on the Green, where the NYC Marathon ends.  This was all very new to me and I believe it involved a good deal of patience, something I was never the best at.

The other interesting thing to note was that half of my family is from New Zealand. My Dad ran high school track in New Zealand and educated me about the proud tradition of New Zealand runners.  I quickly became a fan.  And this NYC Marathon in 1983, the only NYC marathon finish I’ve ever witnessed (other than a rather lousy race I ran in 2006) featured a Kiwi.  And not just any Kiwi, but an Olympic medalist in the 1500 meters named Rod Dixon.  The big question was could a miler become a good marathoner.  

Below is a video that best demonstrates how the race unfolded.  He also includes some great marathon running tips.  It’s also quite something that the time in 1983 would have won the race this year. 

My immediate reaction was that I think I took everything for granted.  I don’t think it was till many years later did I understand the absurd coincidence that the one time I went to watch the NYC marathon, a New Zealander won.  This story resonates with me this year, as I saw myself at home in DC cheering for Meb Keflezghi as he won the NYC Marathon.  He like Rod Dixon had great credentials but was not favored to win.  And just as proud as I was of Rod Dixon for winning it for NZ, I’m equally proud of Meb for winning it for the US.

This experience in 1983 is the first memory I have that told me not only what a great sport it was, but also showed me the drama and courage involved with the sport, as well as the great support runners in races can receive from their family, friends, and communities, as the NYC crowd showed Rod Dixon as he barely won.

I would love to hear about other formative Crawler running memories.

Workout this Wednesday (11/18) at Carter Barron


Let’s meet at Carter Barron this Wednesday at 6:20 for a workout on the path there.

If you need a lift, let me or someone in your neighborhood know.  I’m always happy to pick up the Logan Circle crew along 13th street.

As for this week, lots of great high school and college races.  Georgetown Day School finished off a great season in the DC-MD Private School Championships.  My alma mater, Haverford, ran a great race to 3rd in the Mid-East Regional Meet, a place higher than their ranking.

Hope you were able to get outside today, a beautiful Sunday here in DC!

Crawl on!


Solid workout in the Rain & Veterans Day 10k

Great job to all those who braved the rain today.  2 x 12 minutes is always a pretty solid workout, especially in the rain.  I’m always amazed and inspired by the Crawlers who come out in not the most desirable weather.  And I thought the six of us looked pretty good.  It was also great to welcome Kevin to his first crawler workout.  It’s always great to see a fellow Ford!

This Sunday is the Veterans Day 10k.  It’s a pretty popular race that will attract a big field.  Also, being located in West Potomac Park, it’s a pretty fast course, one where you might be able to set a pr! I know that Ben and Anthony were contemplating running.  If 5 people were interested, we could have a team.  If you plan on running, post below – so we can see how quickly we can get to 5. The website is below:





Workout for Wednesday, November 11th!

Happy Veterans Day! Today may be a wet one.

Let’s plan at meeting at the Bannecker Track at 7:00 AM.

The workout will be longer intervals of 2 x 12 minutes (a core half marathon and marathon workout)!

Bannecker Track is on Barry Place (South of Euclid) between 9th and 7th Street NW.

The reason we’re not going to Cardozo is I suspect it may be closed because of the holiday.

Crawl on, DC Runners!

Welcome to the running website of the Cardozo Crawlers, DC’s most enthusiastic running club.  We are a friendly bunch of runners of all ages and abilities who enjoy running.  This website will serve as a virtual meeting place where people can learn about workouts, long runs, up-coming races, as well as chicken-wing eating opportunities.

Most of the time, we meet at Cardozo or Bannecker Track at 6:30 Am on Wednesdays.  Other Wednesdays, we do fartlek workouts along Rock Creek Path.

We run many races in the region, often competing as teams.  

Although we take pride in our running, we take even more pride in being a friendly supportive group of folks who love running, seeing one another improve, and dragging each other out of bed to do Yasso 800s!

We’d love to see you out there! Crawl on!