Solid workout in the Rain & Veterans Day 10k

Great job to all those who braved the rain today.  2 x 12 minutes is always a pretty solid workout, especially in the rain.  I’m always amazed and inspired by the Crawlers who come out in not the most desirable weather.  And I thought the six of us looked pretty good.  It was also great to welcome Kevin to his first crawler workout.  It’s always great to see a fellow Ford!

This Sunday is the Veterans Day 10k.  It’s a pretty popular race that will attract a big field.  Also, being located in West Potomac Park, it’s a pretty fast course, one where you might be able to set a pr! I know that Ben and Anthony were contemplating running.  If 5 people were interested, we could have a team.  If you plan on running, post below – so we can see how quickly we can get to 5. The website is below:






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