Group Run at Cardozo 6:30 on Wed, Turkey Trots & Crawler Holiday Party

G’day folks,

Brief Philly re-cap

Lauren and I had a great time in Philly.  We had beautiful weather.  We saw some very cool sights including the Eastern State Penitentiary and two cool art exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (one on German knights from the 16th century) another one was like being in a psychadelic Alice in Wonderland room (you’d have to be there…)  We also had great races.  The weather was incredible! The fans were great.  This year the bibs had your name on it, so for the whole race, total strangers were bellowing “Go Sam” – I thought, hey, more of my people are here..  We both ran very tough and although I think we’d like to have run maybe 1-2 minutes faster, we’re pretty pleased with the results considering how busy this fall’s been.  I ran 1:25 and Lauren ran 1:51.  Also, Glenn Dubin deserves a lot of credit for completing his 9th Philly Marathon! Go Glenn!

Today’s workout – Because many of us are racing on Thursday or marathoning on the weekend, how about we just have a group run of 4 or so miles.  Let’s plan to meet at Cardozo at 6:30.  

Races this weekend – Many of us are running Turkey Trots.  What a great running tradition – it basically is a great opportunity to race in the town where we go home for Thanksgiving, as well as allow us to have a good Thanksgiving dinner, knowing we earned it from the race earlier this morning.  Lauren and I are running the Turkey Trot in Austin, TX…Melanie, I know, is running in NJ.  And I’m sure many others are as well.  Plus, Ben and Melissa are running a marathon this weekend in Sparks, MD along the North Central Trail.  They both seem to be in fantastic shape!  Maybe the cranberry sauce and turkey will help them with their running.  Who knows?  Well, good luck to all those racing.

Crawler Party – Finally Jeff has announced that there will be a Crawler Holiday Party (2nd annual) at his place on December 18th.  More details to follow about what we can bring – but what a great opportunity to celebrate another great year for the Crawlers!


3 thoughts on “Group Run at Cardozo 6:30 on Wed, Turkey Trots & Crawler Holiday Party”

  1. This year’s Trot for Hunger was cool and foggy, my kind of conditions. I likely ran in 18:46, just 4 seconds off my PR.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. Awesome, Jeff. Lauren and I had ideal conditions in Austin. She pred on this course (1:32 pr), running 39:42. I ran a tough race (despite flu symptoms) running 32:27.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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