Crawler Track meet – this Wednesday at Bannecker at 7ish

G’day everyone,

This Wednesday night we will have our track meet at Bannecker High School – it’s up 9th Street two blocks north of V Street on the right.  I’ll try to get there around 6:45 to make sure we can secure some space and there’s not a baseball game going on.  if anyone is having any trouble finding it, I’ll have my cell on me which is 202-294-5437. 
We’ll try to congregate 7ish and start the meet no later than 7:30.  
Distance Events will include  – 3200, 1600, 800, and Co-ed Sprint Medley Team.  Sprint Medley teams can be created once we see who’s able to compete. It should be a nice way to see our fitness before Cherry Blossom or other spring races we may be looking forward to. 
Field Events will include:  Bocce Shot Put (if Andy’s able to bring them). 
Then afterwards, we’ll head to a nearby pub.  If the weather’s nice we’ll go to Nellies; if it’s too cold, we’ll shoot for Wonderland Ballroom or Murphy’s.
Sound good?
Hope you’re all well and injury free (or at least injury healing…)

This weekend and next week

Brad will be leading a long run on Saturday at 8:30 AM meeting at Cardozo High SChool.

The track meet’s been moved to March 31st at Bannecker High School meeting at 7 ish.  Events will be distance events, a sprint medley, and a bocce shot put!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Crawler Workout – Thursday, 6:20 at Chipotle in Woodley Park

Good Day, everybody! 

What a great weekend for running.   And if you look closely, the cherry blossoms are about to come out. 

Charlie and I ran the National Half Marathon! And I can’t say enough good things about the race.  Great course that includes highlights of the Capitol building, mall, running under Dupont Circle, through Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Howard University, H Street Corridor.  Great fan support and incredible volunteers, especially at miles 7 and 9, where Lauren G and Lauren M where handing out water, and from what I heard, was a great volunteer experience but got a bit intense at times.  I’d definitely like to run this race next year.  

As for the races, Charlie set a 2 minute pr running 1:25:11!!!  I wasn’t too far behind in 1:26:30, which for me was a solid race that began with a bold first 10k and a more tempered final 5k (I was pretty cooked after 10 miles…)  Also, I can’t thank you all enough for the congratulations whether in email, facebook, or in person!

Also, I know Melissa ran a backyard burn but I haven’t heard how her race went!

For this week’s workout, let’s meet at the Chipotle at Woodley Park around 6:20 for a fartlek workout.  If it’s light enough, we’ll do the tempo loop; if not, we’ll head through the zoo and then onto the Rock Creek Path.  Either way, if you have not done the tempo loop or run on the rock creek path, I’m sure we’ll have enough veterans to make sure everyone gets back ok.  Usually, the running is no more than 30-35 minutes, including hard running and rests.

And April 1st, we’re still planning on doing an evening track meet at Bannecker!

Crawl on, everyone!


Thursday’s Work (Cardozo at 6:30), Upcoming Track Meet on the night of April Fools Day!

G’day everybody,

Well, hopefully the rain will go away by Saturday.  I know that Charlie and I are planning to run the National Half. 

I also wanted to say the 5 of us had a great long run on Saturday up 13th Street and through Rock Creek Park.  It was quite something to see Rock Creek so high.

For this week, let’s meet back at the track for some longer repeats to help us get ready for 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons etc.  My initial thought is 3 x 1600 or 1200ss at a pace between 10k and 10 mile with 200 or 400 rest.  

Also, I thought it might be fun in one of the last 2 weeks of March to have another Crawler track meet.  For the new comers, we usually do some time trials under the lights at  Bannecker Track around 7:30 pm or so, and then run a relay – and then go to the pub to celebrate afterwards.  Maybe, we can incorporate some ‘field’ events too if we bring a softball or something. 

We’ve done this twice before – once in the summer and once in the fall, and both were good times.  Based on Crawler schedules, let’s plan on the evening of April 1st.  I’m liking the ideas of the bocce shot put, and racing backwards.  We’ll have some normal ones too, so we can let the lead out. 

Hope to see you Thursday,

Saturday Rainy Long Run


Good Day, everyone!

The forecast for Saturday is rainy! And about 50 degree. So bring on your hat, put on your parka, and come on out for a wet 10+ mile run.

We will meet at Cardozo, head up 13th to Longfellow, enter Carter Barron, and then take Rock Creek Path all the way to Dupont and then back to Cardozo!

We hope you can make it! Remember long rainy runs are a lot less fun alone. And think how tough you’ll feel.

But dress appropriately! No fair getting sick!

Finally, awesome job at the workout on Wednesday.  It was pretty tough and again so great to see the groups working so well together.  And so great to have so many new faces there.

Thanks everyone!  

Crawl on!

Thursday Workout (6:30 AM at the Track) & Upcoming St. Patty’s Day races

G’day everybody,

What a beautiful weekend for running!

Also, it was great to have such an excellent turnout on Thursday and to see the groups working so well together.  I think that was a Crawler record of 10 people! Yay for us!

Let’s return to the track this Thursday at 6:30 and continue to work on our speed – something Yassoish with 800s and 400s.  I think we’re too early in the season to do longer intervals yet.  They require a lot more mental energy and one can still be in pretty long distant shape with good 800s and 400s at a controlled effort with reduced rest. .  

Also, lots of great races this coming weekend to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.  These include 

Saturday – 

A Four Miler in Arlington (associated with a favorite pub of mine)

Sunday – 

And an 8k in DC.

The 5k in Baltimore unfortunately has already filled up. 

It seems like some of these races are filling up fast, so if you’re interested you may want to register soon.  I’m feeling very tempted by the race in Arlington. How do other folks feel?

hope you’re all well,


This Week’s Track Workout – Cardozo on Thursday at 6:30

G’day everyone,

It looks like the weather’s warming up and the track should be clear by now. 

Let’s try to meet at Cardozo at 6:30 for a ladder workout of 200-400-800-1200-800-400-200.

I hope you can make it.

BTW, did any of you get a chance to watch the women’s 30k or Men’s 50k Cross Country championships at the Olympics? What amazed me was how competitive it was and even after 18 or 30 miles, there was still a group fighting to the finish.  I believe in the men’s race less than 2 seconds separated the first five finishers.  In the women’s race, there was .3 seconds between gold and silver. Riveting stuff.  Made me want to be a little closer to Vermont at least for the weekend, so I could put on my xc skis.

Hope to see you Thursday!