This Week’s Track Workout – Cardozo on Thursday at 6:30

G’day everyone,

It looks like the weather’s warming up and the track should be clear by now. 

Let’s try to meet at Cardozo at 6:30 for a ladder workout of 200-400-800-1200-800-400-200.

I hope you can make it.

BTW, did any of you get a chance to watch the women’s 30k or Men’s 50k Cross Country championships at the Olympics? What amazed me was how competitive it was and even after 18 or 30 miles, there was still a group fighting to the finish.  I believe in the men’s race less than 2 seconds separated the first five finishers.  In the women’s race, there was .3 seconds between gold and silver. Riveting stuff.  Made me want to be a little closer to Vermont at least for the weekend, so I could put on my xc skis.

Hope to see you Thursday!



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