Thursday Workout (6:30 AM at the Track) & Upcoming St. Patty’s Day races

G’day everybody,

What a beautiful weekend for running!

Also, it was great to have such an excellent turnout on Thursday and to see the groups working so well together.  I think that was a Crawler record of 10 people! Yay for us!

Let’s return to the track this Thursday at 6:30 and continue to work on our speed – something Yassoish with 800s and 400s.  I think we’re too early in the season to do longer intervals yet.  They require a lot more mental energy and one can still be in pretty long distant shape with good 800s and 400s at a controlled effort with reduced rest. .  

Also, lots of great races this coming weekend to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.  These include 

Saturday – 

A Four Miler in Arlington (associated with a favorite pub of mine)

Sunday – 

And an 8k in DC.

The 5k in Baltimore unfortunately has already filled up. 

It seems like some of these races are filling up fast, so if you’re interested you may want to register soon.  I’m feeling very tempted by the race in Arlington. How do other folks feel?

hope you’re all well,



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