Thursday’s Work (Cardozo at 6:30), Upcoming Track Meet on the night of April Fools Day!

G’day everybody,

Well, hopefully the rain will go away by Saturday.  I know that Charlie and I are planning to run the National Half. 

I also wanted to say the 5 of us had a great long run on Saturday up 13th Street and through Rock Creek Park.  It was quite something to see Rock Creek so high.

For this week, let’s meet back at the track for some longer repeats to help us get ready for 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons etc.  My initial thought is 3 x 1600 or 1200ss at a pace between 10k and 10 mile with 200 or 400 rest.  

Also, I thought it might be fun in one of the last 2 weeks of March to have another Crawler track meet.  For the new comers, we usually do some time trials under the lights at  Bannecker Track around 7:30 pm or so, and then run a relay – and then go to the pub to celebrate afterwards.  Maybe, we can incorporate some ‘field’ events too if we bring a softball or something. 

We’ve done this twice before – once in the summer and once in the fall, and both were good times.  Based on Crawler schedules, let’s plan on the evening of April 1st.  I’m liking the ideas of the bocce shot put, and racing backwards.  We’ll have some normal ones too, so we can let the lead out. 

Hope to see you Thursday,


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