Crawler Workout – Thursday, 6:20 at Chipotle in Woodley Park

Good Day, everybody! 

What a great weekend for running.   And if you look closely, the cherry blossoms are about to come out. 

Charlie and I ran the National Half Marathon! And I can’t say enough good things about the race.  Great course that includes highlights of the Capitol building, mall, running under Dupont Circle, through Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Howard University, H Street Corridor.  Great fan support and incredible volunteers, especially at miles 7 and 9, where Lauren G and Lauren M where handing out water, and from what I heard, was a great volunteer experience but got a bit intense at times.  I’d definitely like to run this race next year.  

As for the races, Charlie set a 2 minute pr running 1:25:11!!!  I wasn’t too far behind in 1:26:30, which for me was a solid race that began with a bold first 10k and a more tempered final 5k (I was pretty cooked after 10 miles…)  Also, I can’t thank you all enough for the congratulations whether in email, facebook, or in person!

Also, I know Melissa ran a backyard burn but I haven’t heard how her race went!

For this week’s workout, let’s meet at the Chipotle at Woodley Park around 6:20 for a fartlek workout.  If it’s light enough, we’ll do the tempo loop; if not, we’ll head through the zoo and then onto the Rock Creek Path.  Either way, if you have not done the tempo loop or run on the rock creek path, I’m sure we’ll have enough veterans to make sure everyone gets back ok.  Usually, the running is no more than 30-35 minutes, including hard running and rests.

And April 1st, we’re still planning on doing an evening track meet at Bannecker!

Crawl on, everyone!



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