Crawler Track meet – this Wednesday at Bannecker at 7ish

G’day everyone,

This Wednesday night we will have our track meet at Bannecker High School – it’s up 9th Street two blocks north of V Street on the right.  I’ll try to get there around 6:45 to make sure we can secure some space and there’s not a baseball game going on.  if anyone is having any trouble finding it, I’ll have my cell on me which is 202-294-5437. 
We’ll try to congregate 7ish and start the meet no later than 7:30.  
Distance Events will include  – 3200, 1600, 800, and Co-ed Sprint Medley Team.  Sprint Medley teams can be created once we see who’s able to compete. It should be a nice way to see our fitness before Cherry Blossom or other spring races we may be looking forward to. 
Field Events will include:  Bocce Shot Put (if Andy’s able to bring them). 
Then afterwards, we’ll head to a nearby pub.  If the weather’s nice we’ll go to Nellies; if it’s too cold, we’ll shoot for Wonderland Ballroom or Murphy’s.
Sound good?
Hope you’re all well and injury free (or at least injury healing…)

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