G’day Crawlers,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring weekend! Lauren and I had a great time in NJ visiting my folks, getting some good runs in, and probably eating a bit too many lamb chops (me) and chocolates (Lauren)! 

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is this Sunday. Woo Hoo! I know many of us are running and in December we submitted 2 crawler teams.

Crawling Boldly – Charlie, Ben, Jeff, Anthony, and Brad

Crawling with Style – Lauren, Lauren, Kim, Mackenzie, and Kelly.

I also believe many other Crawlers are running including Margaret, Stephanie, Andy, Rebecca, Ashley, Paul, and Martin. So best of luck to everybody!

Also, Andy, Margaret, and Stephanie have been nice enough to invite Crawlers over to their place for a post race brunch!  They live at 1314 Florida Avenue NW, near the base of Cardozo High School, and their house is a lovely shade of purple!  If you can come and bring any breakfast sides, juices, or small donations, it would be greatly appreciated?

Because the race is Sunday and the workout is Thursday morning, I am thinking of a workout that is a tad unconventional (an odd distance) but also a good confidence booster.

So how about we meet at the track at 6:30 at Cardozo High School for 4 x 1000 at 10k pace with 200 rest, followed by 2 laps of curves and straights.

I will not be able to be at the workout, as I need to be in Richmond this Wednesday and Thursday.  So Brad, Melissa, Lauren(G or M), and Ben, could you please help lead the workout?

Many thanks!

Crawl on! 



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