Crawlers finish 4th and 7th at Cherry Blossom!

G’day everyone!

I just wanted to send a brief note about today and Thursday!

First, Congratulations to all those who competed! I think everyone did
really well! Many, like Lauren G, Kelly, Ben and Jeff, had significant
prs!  Margaret and Andy ran their first 10 milers I believe…and the
rest of us ran tough and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Secondly, Congratulations to our two teams, Crawling with Style and
Crawling Boldly! Both finished in the top half of the team
competitions and this was the Road Running Club’s National 10 Mile
competition, so we ran against some pretty amazing clubs, beating
clubs like the DC Front Runners and the Montgomery County Road Runners
who have many many more runners than we do.

Crawling with Style – comprised of Lauren G, Mackenzie, Kelly,
Stephanie and Lauren was 4th!!  Margaret and Kim also had very good

Crawling Boldly – comprised of a speedy Anthony, Ben, Jeff, Charlie
and Brad were 7th!  Also running, were myself, Andy, and Paul!

Results can be found below

Team results – Scroll down to find us in the open men and open women

And also, huge thank you to Stephanie, Margaret, and Andy for a truly
wonderful brunch at their home!

And several final things to note:

1) This week’s workout –  it should be light enough so let’s try to
meet at the Chipotle near Woodley Park for a workout on our 3.5 mile
tempo loop.  Let’s shoot for 6:20.

2) Best of luck to Lauren G who will be running
Boston next Monday! After setting a 2 minute pr, she’s clearly ready
for a great race!

3)  Jeff is driving to the George Washington Parkway Classic in
Alexandria on Sunday, April 25th.  The race is sold out, but anyone
who is signed up and wants a ride is welcome to contact him.

4)  Jeff, Ben and Melissa and planning on attending UMd’s Art Attack
concert ( on Friday, April 30th at 6:30 pm
(tix are $40 + $8 service charge).  Please let them know if anyone
else wants to join them.

5) Next Sunday, there’s a 5k several of us will be running to
celebrate Earth Day! (

Thanks everybody and Crawl on!



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