A Discussion on Runner Safety

It seems almost weekly, I read an article in the Washington Post local section about a runner, cyclist, or pedestrian being injured or killed because they were hit by a car.  Not only is this horrific and sad, but it is a wake up call for me that I need to be more intentional about being a safe runner on the streets of DC.  I need to a better job of looking both ways, stopping at red lights, and promoting safety over whether or not I’ll set a personal record on my favorite 6.5 mile loop.   

I am curious.  Do people usually run with id? Does anyone have Runner ID? 

What rules do people adhere to when it comes to safety? 

Below are 8 basic rules: 

1) Run on sidewalks when available

2) If sidewalks are not available, run against traffic.

3) If running with a group on the street, run behind one another not side by side.

4) Stop at traffic lights.

5) Look both ways at all stop signs and lights.

6) Know your environment – especially if you are running late at night or early in the morning.

7) Make sure your shoes are tied.

8) If you run with an ipod, do not keep the music too loud!

What else?


One thought on “A Discussion on Runner Safety”

  1. Hey Sam! I have a RoadID on my shoe. I’ve had a few to update phone numbers, etc. I highly recommend this products – it is not invasive and can really help you if you’re in a bad situation.

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