Run Run Revolution! This Week’s Workout – Cardozo Track on Thursday at 6:30 AM for DMRs


Spring is here and good running weather has arrived! 

This week, we will be back on the track for our 2 person Distance Medley workouts! This is a challenging workout where we pair up and by the end of the workout we will have each run a 400-800-1200-1600.

I was sorry to miss last week’s workout but I understand y’all had a lot of fun.  In solidarity with the Crawlers, I found a high school track across from the hotel I was staying at in Western Pennsylvania.  The great thing about being part of a running club is how we can motivate each other to get out of bed, get outside, and get a good run in.

Pittsburgh’s a fantastic town for running – well, if you’re me that is – because wherever you go there is a hill to run up!  

Hope to see you all Thursday morning!



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