Thursday, May 27th’s Workout: Cardozo Track for Hills & 1000s!

Hello Crawlers!

I’m really looking forward to leading the workout on Thursday morning!  I’ve been thinking about a workout that combines hills and track work.  How about:

4×45 seconds up the 11th street hill (starting at Florida Avenue until we reach 45 seconds) with downhill recovery

4x1000m on the track at 10k – 15k pace with 200m recovery

2 laps of ins and outs (striding the straightaway and jogging the curves) is predicting temperatures to reach 90 degrees on Thursday so be sure to hydrate – I think this is the warmest workout weather we’ve had since last summer.  The good news is Memorial Day weekend is looking quite lovely 🙂

Can’t wait to see everyone!  Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested.

Lauren G


Crawler Workout (Thurs, 5/20, 7:15 PM, Bannecker) – Yasso 800s

G’day Crawlers,

First off, Congratulations on some great performances on a hilly and
from what I’ve heard long Capital Hill Classic 10k.

We saw some great races from both the men and women.  The results I’ve
found on the track are:

Women: 1187 competitors (all 3 crawlers in the top 10% in their age group!!!)
  Melissa Waage            30 Washington DC  46:12 45:41  7:22
 Lauren Gabler            26 Washington DC 47:46 47:01  7:34
 Kelly Spence             30 Washington DC 50:50 50:42  8:10

Men: 1135 competitors (all 3 crawlers in the top 40% of their age group)

Brian Chelcun 27   Washington DC 38:55, 38:47 6:15

Ben Geman                37 Washington DC 39:38 39:38  6:23

Brad McLane    38 Washington DC 41:15 41:11 6:38

Gareth Coville           30 Washington DC 41:26 41:22  6:40
Andrew Browne            25 Washington DC 49:05 48:55  7:53

Also, special thanks to Andy, Gareth, and Kelly for forming a Crawlers
Team which finished a very impressive 11th!!!

This week we’ll meet in the evening on Thursday for the Yasso 800s
workout.  Let’s try to meet around 7:15 so we can start around 7:30
and be done no later than 8:20.  This is an endurance workout where if
one does 10 800s in 4:00 minutes, theoretically their marathon finish
should be 4:00 hours.  The way the workout operates is that one runs
an 800 at tempo pace and then gets the same amount of time for rest.
While the ultimate pre-marathon workout is 10, we will be doing as
many as we can or as many as we feel that we are up to between 7:30
and 8:20 in the evening.  If people come late to the workout, this is
an easy workout to just jump into a group.,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html

Finally, finally, Lauren M (and munchkin), Amanda and I will be
running the 5k in Wheaton to support an animal sanctuary on Sunday
morning.  We have a fundraising team (Cardozo Crawlers) if people
would like to run or support.  Here’s the website –

National Police Week 5k – tough course, great efforts, great cause

Five crawlers raced the National Police 5k on a windy Spring Saturday.  The race started and finished right by the National Police Memorial, which is across the street from the Building Museum.  It was a tough course because of a huge hill, also known as Capitol Hill, and a brutal head wind from mile 2 – 2.5. 

Despite these challenges, Crawlers not only represented with 5 solid efforts but also had a great time.  The course was about 25-30 seconds slower than the more conventional dc 5k courses (One could figure this out because the winner was 27 seconds slower than the National Press Club 5k which he also won!).  Therefore, because of the challenging course, we had some really solid performances.   Melissa led the women in 22:03, followed by Amanda in 23:21.  In the Men’s race, Sam placed 5rh in 18:05, followed by Ben in 18:53, and then Shaggy who banditted the race (with the approval of the staff, as the race had filled up and run out of bib numbers) in 19:30. 

What was especially meaningful about the race was the cause it was promoting.  The race raised $55k for Concerns of Police Survivors, a non-profit that helps take care of the children and significant others of fallen officers.  Each racing bib had the name of a ‘fallen officer.’  I googled my officer, Curtis Massey.  I learned that he died in a traffic accident in California, while a crazy person was driving the wrong way down the high way.  In addition to being a veteran officer, he cared about his family, was a role model to his colleagues, and reached out to at-risk youth.  

The race also had the best race mc, who was a 10 year old boy, who had lost his mother in the line of duty.  But with great gusto and enthusiasm, he not only started the race but also cheered home each runner, shouting out their numbers!

I was very grateful to have run this race, and it was a good reminder of why it’s great to run in DC because not only can we run in big races like Cherry Blossom, but we can also run in local races with local causes, but also smaller races with National Causes, like this one.  I was very appreciative that they had us reflect on the sacrifice and risk officers make for us.

Upcoming Races!

Great workout everybody! It was awesome that we had 15 or so Crawlers
show up and people really ran the 800s hard! So well done!

Below is a list of some of the races Crawlers will be running in the
next few weeks.  I’ve added the names of the Crawlers who I believe
are running the races.  I’m sure I left people out. After hearing
others will be running this Saturday, I just signed up.  Please let me
know if there any races you’d like me to add or if you’re planning to
run these races and your names aren’t included.

Saturday, May 8th – National Police Week 5k
Crawlers – Ben, Melissa, Amanda, Sam, ….

Tuesday, May 11th – The Environment, Running and Beer at Stoney’s on P Street (btwn 14th and 15th) 8:30
Sunday, May 16th – Capitol Hill 10k – Capitol Hill, DC (Ben and Andy
and Margaret were talking about possibly creating a team for this

Crawlers – Ben, Melissa, Andy, Margaret

Sunday, May 16th – Chicago Spring Half
Crawlers – Amanda

Sunday, May 23rd – Poplar Springs 5k – Wheaton, MD – We have a
‘fundraising’ team for this race.
Crawlers – Sam, Lauren, Amanda M

Saturday, June 12th – Lawyers Have Heart 10k – Georgetown, DC –
Crawlers – Sam

Mid-June, Inca Marathon – Run to Machu Pichu
Crawlers – Jeff

May 6th – Cardozo Track, Quality 800s

G’day everybody, Weird weather seems to be arriving. Humid and hot one day, rainy the next. It seems to have created some rather difficult racing conditions for those who ran the Broad Street Run in Philly last weekend. This week’s workout – we’ll be back on the track for “Quality not Quantity” 5 or 6 800s with 400 rest a little bit slower than mile pace.

Also, starting, May 13th, would people be open to workouts/runs on Thursday evening just for the month of May?. I’m bumping into a class conflict on Wed/Thus mornings. Maybe what we could do is do the evening workout once, and Ben, Brad, or Lauren G could help lead the other workouts on the Thurs mornings.

Hope you are all well, Sam