Upcoming Races!

Great workout everybody! It was awesome that we had 15 or so Crawlers
show up and people really ran the 800s hard! So well done!

Below is a list of some of the races Crawlers will be running in the
next few weeks.  I’ve added the names of the Crawlers who I believe
are running the races.  I’m sure I left people out. After hearing
others will be running this Saturday, I just signed up.  Please let me
know if there any races you’d like me to add or if you’re planning to
run these races and your names aren’t included.

Saturday, May 8th – National Police Week 5k
Crawlers – Ben, Melissa, Amanda, Sam, ….

Tuesday, May 11th – The Environment, Running and Beer at Stoney’s on P Street (btwn 14th and 15th) 8:30
Sunday, May 16th – Capitol Hill 10k – Capitol Hill, DC (Ben and Andy
and Margaret were talking about possibly creating a team for this


Crawlers – Ben, Melissa, Andy, Margaret

Sunday, May 16th – Chicago Spring Half
Crawlers – Amanda

Sunday, May 23rd – Poplar Springs 5k – Wheaton, MD – We have a
‘fundraising’ team for this race.
Crawlers – Sam, Lauren, Amanda M

Saturday, June 12th – Lawyers Have Heart 10k – Georgetown, DC –
Crawlers – Sam

Mid-June, Inca Marathon – Run to Machu Pichu
Crawlers – Jeff


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