National Police Week 5k – tough course, great efforts, great cause

Five crawlers raced the National Police 5k on a windy Spring Saturday.  The race started and finished right by the National Police Memorial, which is across the street from the Building Museum.  It was a tough course because of a huge hill, also known as Capitol Hill, and a brutal head wind from mile 2 – 2.5. 

Despite these challenges, Crawlers not only represented with 5 solid efforts but also had a great time.  The course was about 25-30 seconds slower than the more conventional dc 5k courses (One could figure this out because the winner was 27 seconds slower than the National Press Club 5k which he also won!).  Therefore, because of the challenging course, we had some really solid performances.   Melissa led the women in 22:03, followed by Amanda in 23:21.  In the Men’s race, Sam placed 5rh in 18:05, followed by Ben in 18:53, and then Shaggy who banditted the race (with the approval of the staff, as the race had filled up and run out of bib numbers) in 19:30. 

What was especially meaningful about the race was the cause it was promoting.  The race raised $55k for Concerns of Police Survivors, a non-profit that helps take care of the children and significant others of fallen officers.  Each racing bib had the name of a ‘fallen officer.’  I googled my officer, Curtis Massey.  I learned that he died in a traffic accident in California, while a crazy person was driving the wrong way down the high way.  In addition to being a veteran officer, he cared about his family, was a role model to his colleagues, and reached out to at-risk youth.  

The race also had the best race mc, who was a 10 year old boy, who had lost his mother in the line of duty.  But with great gusto and enthusiasm, he not only started the race but also cheered home each runner, shouting out their numbers!

I was very grateful to have run this race, and it was a good reminder of why it’s great to run in DC because not only can we run in big races like Cherry Blossom, but we can also run in local races with local causes, but also smaller races with National Causes, like this one.  I was very appreciative that they had us reflect on the sacrifice and risk officers make for us.


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