Crawler Workout (Thurs, 5/20, 7:15 PM, Bannecker) – Yasso 800s

G’day Crawlers,

First off, Congratulations on some great performances on a hilly and
from what I’ve heard long Capital Hill Classic 10k.

We saw some great races from both the men and women.  The results I’ve
found on the track are:

Women: 1187 competitors (all 3 crawlers in the top 10% in their age group!!!)
  Melissa Waage            30 Washington DC  46:12 45:41  7:22
 Lauren Gabler            26 Washington DC 47:46 47:01  7:34
 Kelly Spence             30 Washington DC 50:50 50:42  8:10

Men: 1135 competitors (all 3 crawlers in the top 40% of their age group)

Brian Chelcun 27   Washington DC 38:55, 38:47 6:15

Ben Geman                37 Washington DC 39:38 39:38  6:23

Brad McLane    38 Washington DC 41:15 41:11 6:38

Gareth Coville           30 Washington DC 41:26 41:22  6:40
Andrew Browne            25 Washington DC 49:05 48:55  7:53

Also, special thanks to Andy, Gareth, and Kelly for forming a Crawlers
Team which finished a very impressive 11th!!!

This week we’ll meet in the evening on Thursday for the Yasso 800s
workout.  Let’s try to meet around 7:15 so we can start around 7:30
and be done no later than 8:20.  This is an endurance workout where if
one does 10 800s in 4:00 minutes, theoretically their marathon finish
should be 4:00 hours.  The way the workout operates is that one runs
an 800 at tempo pace and then gets the same amount of time for rest.
While the ultimate pre-marathon workout is 10, we will be doing as
many as we can or as many as we feel that we are up to between 7:30
and 8:20 in the evening.  If people come late to the workout, this is
an easy workout to just jump into a group.,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html

Finally, finally, Lauren M (and munchkin), Amanda and I will be
running the 5k in Wheaton to support an animal sanctuary on Sunday
morning.  We have a fundraising team (Cardozo Crawlers) if people
would like to run or support.  Here’s the website –


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