Thursday June 17th – 6:30 at Bannecker!

G’day Crawlers,

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Some fine racing occurred at Lawyers Have Heart despite hot and muggy

conditions!  We also were able to have a lovely potluck picnic on the

canal afterwards! The canal’s one of my favorite parts of Georgetown,

as it seems to speak to what it must have been like 200 years ago.

Melissa ran 45:51 for 10th in her age group

Aaron C ran 42:47 completing his first race in about 18 months! Glad

to see he is running pretty close to injury free.

Gareth, inspired by his home country’s tie with Mexico, ran 40:40

before he took off for three weeks to watch the World Cup.

Ben ran 38:26

Sam ran 38:00

Lauren M was number #1 cheerleader at miles 1 and 5 where she

convinced about a half dozen other strangers to root the crawlers


Because we’ve been having poor luck with Cardozo being open, let’s

just plan to meet at Bannecker.

Lauren G is leading the workout this week!

See you Thursday!
Crawl on!


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