7/21 Workout at Bannecker (6:20); Sat long run; Pacers in Logan Circle!

Good Day everyone,

I hope everyone has had a great weekend

First, congrats to Jeff and Brad for running the Rockville Twilight

8k!! From the results, it looks like you both ran very solid races!!

I’d be eager to hear how the race went? Was it hot like in years past?

Secondly, let’s meet up at Bannecker on Thursday for a track workout

this time.  Thanks for letting us go on the roads last Thursday.  That

was a nice break.  This week, let’s combine some longer stuff with

some shorter stuff.  For instance, 2 x 1600, 2 x 800, and 2 x 400.

Thirdly, we currently have two teams interested in the Baltimore

Marathon Relay Team.  A Men’s team (Ben, Sam, Shaggy and Charlie) is

already registered.  I believe a women’s team (Kelly, Melissa, Annie,

and Melanie) is about to be registered.  I know Paul and Gareth would

be interested to be part of a team.  Would 2 other crawlers be

interested in creating another men’s team or another co-ed team?

Also, teams should register soon before the price goes up.  It’s truly

a fun event! And I also know that other crawlers, like Andy, are

considering running the Baltimore Half which is part of the same day’s

running festival.

Fourth, I was thinking of having a long run for this Saturday.  Maybe,

we could do a metro run.  Where we meet at Cardozo around 6:15 and run

through Georgetown, hop on the Mt Vernon trail, and end up at the King

St Station in Alexandria, where we could have some refreshments/brunch

before we hop on the metro and head back.  It’s about 13 and people

can add on more if they’d like to run a loop around Teddy Roosevelt


Finally, last week marked the beginning of a new chapter for one of

the original Crawlers, Michael Myers, who now lives in NYC with his

lovely wife (and ultra marathoner Kay!).  I saw Mike recently and he

still loves being a part of the group, and says that he and Kay may

begin a Crawler Chapter in the Big Apple! We couldn’t be happier for

them and will be rooting them on-line as they run NYC marathon this


Finally, finally, there’s a new running store in Logan Circle.  It’s a

Pacers on P st btw 14th and 15th.  I went over last week, told them

about the Crawlers, and said we might be interested in possible

partnerships if they were planning to host any races in the

neighborhood.  They were excited to hear about us and said they would

keep us posted.

I hope you’re all well.

Crawl on,



First Week of July: It’s Hot – Workout, pub crawl, and long run details below

I hope everyone is staying cool!

This week we will be meeting Thursday morning back at Bannecker at 6:20 for a workout.

That evening we will be meeting at Gordon Biersch for a pub crawl!

And then on Saturday, we will meet at Cardozo for a long run at 7 am!

Hope you can make it!

Crawl on!