Berlin results and this week’s workout! (Bannecker on Wednesday at 6:30)

G’day everyone,

First huge congratulations to Kelly and Paul for running tough as nail marathons in Berlin!! Das run ist sehr gut!! Paul ran very evenly 3:03 and Kelly ran 3:46! So congrats to both of you.

I also had the pleasure of bumping into Gareth this morning during my early run, who informed me he ran a great 10k in 38 and change.  I’d love to hear more details.

This week, we’ll go back to the track for 2 x 9 minutes, plus curves and straights!

Hope you can make it!



Great race results and this week’s workout (Wednesday, Sept 22) – Bannecker at 6:30

G’day everybody,

This week’s workout we’ll head to the track! Originally, we were thinking of doing longer intervals. However, since everyone had such great races (and might feel a bit worse for the wear), we may change it up and make it a lighter affair. . So let’s plan on meeting at Bannecker at 6:30.

On to the races!!!! – Some truly encouraging and outstanding performances by Crawlers. Please email us if we missed your race.

* Baltimore Road Running Club’s Ultra Keg 50k – Ben, Melissa, and Jeff ran this at Gunpowerder Falls State Park in Eastern Maryland! I believe they all had a great time. And I think Melissa was third overall. I’d love to hear how it went.

* Wilson Bridge Half Marathon – Gareth runs 1:26. This sounds like a great effort.. Possibly, a pr?

* Revenge of the Penguins 20 miler – Lauren G runs 2:38, a great performance as the whole race is on the tow path (I believe)! Also, I would love to hear about the meaning of the race name.

* Reach the Beach Relay (NH) – Anthony and I and our team, the Haverford College Old Old Goats, ran super tough and finished 8th over all out of 430 teams. Each of us ran 3 legs through the mountains and villages of NH. Anthony ran amazingly, running a total of 21 miles all under 6 minute pace. I wasn’t as quick, but was very pleased with my effort, especially up some enormous hills. We also had a great time visiting with old team mates, and making friends with a younger Haverford alumni team, who ended up 6th and beat us by only 11 minutes.

Finally, Kelly and Paul will be running the Berlin marathon this weekend, which is super cool! I know their training’s been going well. So we wanted to wish them well, to have a great race, and to celebrate Octoberfest for a post race celebration.

Run good,


Summer Crawler Meet Results

G’day everyone,

First, I just want to thank everyone for competing, volunteering, cheering, and helping make yesterdays time trials such a fun event.  I’d also like to thank the little league team for having a practice the same day, allowing the rest rooms to be open.  Special thanks to Yokari who used a break in her work schedule to cheer us on.

Also, kudos go to Crawler ‘rookies’ Cillian, Rod, and Jose for being great sports.  Jose did not even know there was a track meet and he willingly jumped into the 5k.  For Cillian, this was his first Crawler outing, and both he and Rod stepped up by filling some empty slots in the Distance Medley teams;

And as for the results, it’s pretty awesome to see how competitive our times are, considering we are such a small running club! Especially in the heat, it seems like everyone ran as fast or faster than their predicted times.  And this was in 90 degree humidity.  This is especially true regarding the 5k.  Many of the 5k runners hadn’t run a 5k on the track before.  The trick to the 5k seems to be not to go out too hard, or else it can seem like a very long 12.5 laps.  And because of the heat, it’s important to focus more on feel than on split times.  And based on how well everyone ran, it seems like people just raced it perfectly.  It would be interesting to compare our paces for the 5k with the 6 minute repetitions we did several weeks ago.

On to the Results:

Womens 5k:
Keely 19:58
Lauren G 21:15
Melissa 22:13

Mens 5k:
Sam 18:15
Ben  18:31
Cillian 19:02
Jose   19:28

Women’s mile
Annie 6:16 (Crawler record and 23 second faster than the Spring)

Men’s Mile
Brad 5:14 (six second improvement compared to the Spring)
Aaron 5:40 (18 second improvement compared to the Spring)
Sam  6:14
Ben 6:17

Distance Medley –

Team Duck (Sam-Rod-Lauren G-Cillian) = 13:50
(4:05, 1:07, 3:12, 5:26)
* Team Duck has won the last 2 relays now.

Team Tiger (Ben-Annie-Aaron-Brad)  = 13:54
(4:05, 1:23, 2:43, 5:43)

Also, great times were had at Stoney’s!

Thanks everybody!  Hopefully, we can have another meet around the Holiday Season.

Next week, we’ll have a Thursday morning workout at 6:20.  Location TBD.

Also, anyone interested in a long run on Saturday.  I was considering running from Logan through Georgetown Roosevelt Island then to Alexandria and taking the metro back.  I’ll be at the Chipotle at 7 am in Woodley Park

Have a great weekend!