Fartlek and Hills on October 6th – Meet at 6:30 AM at Woodley Park

G’day everybody,

What a beautiful weekend for running.  I hope the marathoners were able to get in some great long runs.  Did anyone run any races?

Here’s my modest proposal for this week – we get off the track and meet at the Woodley Park Chipotle on Wednesday at 6:30 AM.  We will be at the track the next two weeks.  After a brief warm up down to the Rock Creek Path, we get our heart rate up by doing 4 x 2 minutes with 2 minute rest.  Then, we meet up at the beginning of the brick path in the Zoo and end our workout with an interval of the whole slog from the bottom of the Zoo to the Lion at Connecticut.  It’s about 3/4s of a mile and will help us simulate running up a hill at half marathon race pace on tired legs.

Hope you’re all well! Also, how does a week Thursday sound for a night of chicken wings and beer? We’re also contemplating having a Crawler Holiday party in December…

Crawl on,



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