11/24 Workout – Bannecker Track at 6:30 AM

Good morning, Crawlers!!

First off, a huge congratulations to Jeff for doing awesome and running his first 50 miler race at the JFK 50 miles.  Just to give you some perspective, Jeff ran a distance that’s equal to running further than from DC to Baltimore or DC to Fredericksburg, VA or DC to across the Bay Bridge or even to Frederick! Great job!

Also congratulations to Rod (Lauren G’s significant other) for having a really encouraging race at the Rothman 8k where he placed 4th in a time that us mortal Crawlers would have a hard time relating to – 23:48.  I’m sure Rod will tell you his great race was 100% due to the amazing 400 meter leg he ran during the track meet DMR we did several months ago.  Honestly, we’re thrilled to see him running so well and just glad to be affiliated with hum through Lauren!

The other big running news on Saturday was that my alma mater, Haverford, won the Division III National Championship! THe team’s been ranked for years but has never won the national championship.  As an alum, we’re beaming with pride!  And we couldn’t be happier for the coach whose been there for 36 years!


This week there are lots of races.  And while many of us will be running Turkey Trots (I know Lauren G and Melanie will be running different races in NJ), the big race is the North Central Trail Marathon just north of Baltimore!  Ben and Melissa have put the hay in the barn with long runs, solid races, and workouts!  They only have one more hurdle before they tackle the marathon – avoid eating too much Turkey and Pumplin Pie!! Good luck to them and all those who Gobble-Trot!

This wednesday, for those that can make it, let’s meet at the track at 6:30 for a fun workout!  Hope you can make it!



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