Crawler Workout – Friday at 6:30 AM At Bannecker!

G’day everyone,

Crawler Meteorologist Lauren Gabler informed me a big storm is coming late tonight and will still be here Wednesday morning.

Therefore, we will be moving our workout to Friday at Bannecker.

The workout will be 3 x 1000, 3 x 600, 3 x 200 with 200 rest in between.  In each ‘triad’ the first interval will be at 85%, second at 90%, and then the third will be at 95%.

Hope you can make it!


On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 7:40 PM, Sam McFerran <> wrote:

G’day everyone!

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

First, huge congratulations to Ben and Melissa for battling the cold weather and running the North Central Trail Marathon.  It sounded like the conditions were tough and they had a great time.  It also sounded like Melissa added drama to the end of her race with acrobatics of her own.

Also, congrats to all those who Turkey Trotted.  I was surfing the runwashignton results and saw that Aaron C ran 19:14 for the SOME 5k in DC.  I also know Melanie was planning to run a Turkey Trot in NJ.  Any others? It would be great to hear how they went.

This week, let’s meet at Bannecker for a mixed distance workout.

Also, I thought maybe the 3rd Saturday of December, we could have a ‘Crawler Race’ on the horse trails, ross drive, ridge drive loop. Would people be up for this? It may be a way to get a hard effort in before the holidays.

Hope you’re all well!

Crawl on,




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