Next workout: 8x800m and some fun Crawler events!

Let’s hit Bannecker track Wednesday 2/26 at 6:30am for 8 x 800 meters. This will be among the longer workouts we do, so if you’re not in the thick of marathon training you should feel free to shorten it to suit you.

Also, a few placeholders for your calendars: we’re planning to hold an evening workout on March 12 that will consist of a low-key run (we’ll go easy with the marathon that Saturday) followed by post-workout adult beverages and/or chicken wings.

And speaking of the marathon, Emily and I are planning to host anyone who is interested at our place for post-race brunch/drinks after the big race on March 15 (we’re roughly a mile from the finish line). More details on both events will be forthcoming. Crawl on!



500/100 Workout on the Track (2/19)

The next Cardozo Crawlers workout will be on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30 a.m. at Bannecker Track. We’ll be doing a 500/100 tempo where we’ll run 500m at 5k/10k pace followed by 100m “rest” at marathon pace. This makes for a challenging workout because the rest is a bit quicker than what we’re used to.

Hope to see you there!