Next Workout – June 24 – Bannecker Track

From Ben, one of our fearless leaders:
So congrats to Andy for putting together last week’s creative and very tough “take a card, any card” workout. Lots of fun.

I can’t offer anything as creative for this week’s workout, but we’ll nonetheless do the fun and challenging interval session called “hammer quarters.”

It’s 12 x 400. Most are somewhere between mile and 5k pace. But every fourth 400 is the “hammer” interval, which means it’s faster. 

Hope to see you there!


Next Workout: June 18 – Bannecker Track

This week’s workout will be a bit…unconventional, but tons of fun!  It’ll be a good one for anyone who hasn’t been able to make it to a workout recently – we’d love to see you out at the track!

Before each interval, we’ll draw a card from a deck (I even have a novelty-sized deck of cards to use!).  The number will correspond to the distance (x100) of the interval.  So if we pick a 5, everyone would run a 500.  Jacks would be 1100…up to a 1400 for drawing an Ace.  Pace will also vary based on the distance with shorter distances being faster (mile or 5K) and longer distances closer to half-marathon pace.  Everyone will make their way back to the start for each interval.  I figure we’ll go through 6-8 cards, or until we’ve done 3-ish miles.  Should be fun!
Remember that all paces and abilities are welcome – see you tomorrow!

Need a race bib?

Several of the our runners aren’t able to compete in upcoming races and their bibs are available, including:
  • Ragnar West Virginia Trail race (June 13-14; looking for a male or female to run a 3.5, 4.6, and 6.7 mile trail loops)
  • Merrell Down and Dirty 6 miler (July 13)
  • Ragnar DC Ultra Team (September 12-13; looking for a male or female to run three legs totaling about 25 miles)
  • Philadelphia Marathon (November 23)
If you’re interested in running in any of these races, send an email to lauren(dot)gabler(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate runner.
Our workouts are still going strong but our blog posting is not. We’ll try to be better about this site!