Next Workout: June 18 – Bannecker Track

This week’s workout will be a bit…unconventional, but tons of fun!  It’ll be a good one for anyone who hasn’t been able to make it to a workout recently – we’d love to see you out at the track!

Before each interval, we’ll draw a card from a deck (I even have a novelty-sized deck of cards to use!).  The number will correspond to the distance (x100) of the interval.  So if we pick a 5, everyone would run a 500.  Jacks would be 1100…up to a 1400 for drawing an Ace.  Pace will also vary based on the distance with shorter distances being faster (mile or 5K) and longer distances closer to half-marathon pace.  Everyone will make their way back to the start for each interval.  I figure we’ll go through 6-8 cards, or until we’ve done 3-ish miles.  Should be fun!
Remember that all paces and abilities are welcome – see you tomorrow!

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