Back to a Crawler Favorite: 500/100’s!!

Join us for an old Crawler favorite – the 500/100 workout – tomorrow morning (Wednesday, September 24) at 6:30am at Bannecker Track. We’ll be running 10×500 at 10k pace followed by a half marathon pace rest for 100m.
Feel free to spread the word to your running friends – everyone is welcome to our workouts!

Next up: Miles and Ladders for our September 10 workout

We’re back at Bannecker Track on Wednesday, September 10 at 6:30am for a less-humid workout compared to last week (hopefully…). There will be two workouts because some of us are racing this weekend or recovering from a race, while others are still in build up mode:
  • Option 1: 3xmile repeats at race pace (for those recovering/racing)
  • Option 2: ladder workout of 1200-800-400-400-800-1200 at 5k pace

Hope to see you out there!