STOP! Banneker Time!

Mixing it up tomorrow at Banneker at 6:30am due to Cardozo being closed for spring break!

The great Charlie will be leading us all for a Cherry Blossom speed workout:

For the workout, we’ll begin with a set of 400, 800, 800, 400 at a fast clip, with 100 meter breaks after the 400’s and 200 meter breaks after the 800’s. From there, the Cherry Blossom racers will have the option of jogging a leisurely mile for a cool-down, while those who want to continue with a “normal” workout can do a second set of 400-800-800-400.

Also, we are looking for a headcount for brunch on Sunday (after the race) for all that wish to brunch the day away (as one does in DC). It will likely be around 10-11am in the U Street/Columbia Heights/Petworth area. Let Charlie Stern (  know if you are interested!

Crawl on!


Hills and Thrills

Hey Crawlers!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be mixing longer track intervals with short-ish hills. It’s the “accelerating off a brisk pace” edition led by Ben!
So the track portion will be 3 x 1200 (three laps). But there’s a twist: The first 800 (two laps) of each interval are at 5k pace or slightly quicker, then the third lap should be as fast as possible. So it mimics the difficulty of finishing a race strong even when your legs are fatigued.
Then we’ll do as many 13th Street hills as we can until it’s time to go (or 11th Street if there’s too much foot traffic). As always, please feel free to pass this message along to anyone. Our workouts are open to all, regardless of pace, running experience etc etc.
See you all soon!