Back to the Basics 6 X 800m

Tomorrow’s workout will be 6 X 800m at Cardozo at 6:30am!
Pace? As fast as you can without getting slower during the workout. It’s a back-to-basics, grind it out session let by the one-and-only Ben Geman!
Afterward, if people have time, we’ll do some “curves and straights” to get some leg turnover.
Hope to see you all soon! And congrats to many Crawlers on great races lately, like Melissa/Julie/Sam at the Backyard Burn trail race, Jordan’s Boston Marathon, Liz’s fast 5k on a hilly course, Ashley’s latest obstacle race, and others I’m undoubtedly missing.
Please feel free to invite whoever! This workout is open to all.
Crawl On!

Cherry Blossom (2016) 10 miler results

Cherry blossoms peaked early this year in March! Credit: C. Mosley

The Crawlers had a strong showing at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler despite some windy and cold conditions (and the cherry blossoms past peak bloom!). Great to job to all!


Sebastian Csaszar: 71:51

Julie Dickerson: 68:36

Matt Eddy: 68:12

Ashley Etue: 69:45

Jordan King: 70:20

Caroline Mosley: 68:36

Charlie Stern: 62:46

Looks like a solid start to this summer! Crawl on!





Shake off those chills and get on the track!

Hey Crawlers-Wednesday track workout we are back at Cardozo Track (usual 6:30 am meet up time).

The fiesty Julie will be leading out workout:
The workout will be 3 x 1600m @ increasing speeds: 10k pace, 5k pace, and then all out/whatever you have left. The goal is to really focus on that last mile and see if we can pull off faster times than we would usually see in a longer interval workout. Rest will be 200m jog.
Afterwards, Caroline will lead us in ~15 min of a “Strength Surprise.”
Crawl On!