This just in…Zach takes the lead!

Here we go! Zach is taking the lead (for the first time!) for our Wednesday Workout at Cardozo Track (entrance at 13th and Florida) at 6:30am!

Now the workout in Zach’s words:

“1×1000: the usual pace, I can’t remember how we usually quantify this but you get the drift. This is mostly a nice warmup with a 400 rest.

2×800 with a twist!: run the straights around the 1000 pace or a little bit slower, then push the curves. Not a sprint but definitely faster than normal 800s. 400 meter rest.

6×200: Hard stride, get that turnover going like an internship program at Amazon. 200 meter rest.

If we have any time left, which I doubt, we can do some 30 second interval stairs for those juicy fast twitch muscles that are often so neglected.”

All our welcome! Let’s get out and enjoy this summer weather.

Crawl on!


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