Track time, ladder style.

Hey Crawlers,
Tomorrow we’ll meet at the usual time (6:30AM), usual place (Cardozo track) for a mixed-speed ladder workout. Remember, there’s a break in the fence to slip in on 13th street if the gate is closed!
1200, 800, 400, 800, 1600 
The goal is to do each distance at 5k pace but push the last 100 meters of every 400 meters to sub 5k pace.  The 400 will be as fast as you can go.
*New: For those who need to leave early or just want more mileage, come by at 6:15 to get in a 1600 at 6k pace.
I also want to congratulate Alex Tilsley for crushing the Mount Washington Road Race last week, a 7.6 mile race that maintains an average grade of 12% the whole way up!!!, as well as Sam Gulland and Caroline Mosley (FIRST place woman!!) who sped through the Run for Clean Energy 5k on Sunday.
Crawl on!

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