Start yo engines & grab yo watches!

Time for another Wednesday workout let by Andy at 6:30am at Cardozo track! If the gate is locked, you can get in through the very obvious hole on 13th and Florida.

It looks like the temperature at 6:30 tomorrow morning will *only* be in the 70s! That’s downright pleasant!  We’ll gather for a fun time-based workout.
We’ll start off with a 9-minute run a little slower than 10K pace. Each successive interval will be slightly faster and slightly shorter, until we get down to a 1-minute interval “all out”. Here are the proposed intervals:
9 minutes @ slower than 10K pace
7 minutes @ 10K pace
5 minutes @ 5K/10K pace
3 minutes @ 5K pace
1 minutes @ mile pace or better
We’ll have 2 minutes of rest in between each interval for people to gather back at the start. The best part about this workout is that everybody finishes at the same time!
As always, all are welcome regardless of experience, pace, or injury level!  Crawl on!

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