1000m repeats…ready set go!

The lovely Julie is leading the workout tomorrow:


The fun news: our happy hour is this Thursday at Homestead starting around 6:15pm!

The workout tomorrow: 5-7 repeats of 1,000m.
The goal for this workout will be to slow down the pace (no faster than your 10 mile race pace) but to keep the rests short (45-60s).  The rests will be standing rests (we will not be running back to our usual starting spot), so I would advise bringing two water bottles — one to leave at the “start” and one at the 200m mark on the track.
I’ll count off 50-55s from when I finish, and hopefully that will capture everyone in the 45-60s rest range, but depending on how the first few go, we can always adjust and split up into two pace groups.
Crawlers in action: a “hearty” congratulations to Liz who ran the Heartwood Ten Miler in 78:37 in some brutal (hot and hilly) conditions. Good job, Liz!
Finally, and per usual, the workout is at Cardozo track at 6:30 am. If for some reason the track is closed, we will head over the Banneker Track.
See you there!

Let’s get crawlin with ladders!

Hey there everyone,

Join us for another Wednesday workout at Cardozo track at 6:30am bright and early tomorrow morning! Since they fixed the hole in the fence, if the gate is closed we will move to Banneker a few blocks away a little after half past the hour.
Let’s do my (Caroline’s) favorite workout, a ladder!

1200m-800m-400m-400m-800m-1200m with short 200m rests between each, trying to do the 1200 at 5k pace and the other repeats a bit faster.

I have a 10 minute strength/stretch routine that I think we might be able to fit in….

ALL ARE WELCOME! Hope to see ya there.