1000m repeats…ready set go!

The lovely Julie is leading the workout tomorrow:


The fun news: our happy hour is this Thursday at Homestead starting around 6:15pm!

The workout tomorrow: 5-7 repeats of 1,000m.
The goal for this workout will be to slow down the pace (no faster than your 10 mile race pace) but to keep the rests short (45-60s).  The rests will be standing rests (we will not be running back to our usual starting spot), so I would advise bringing two water bottles — one to leave at the “start” and one at the 200m mark on the track.
I’ll count off 50-55s from when I finish, and hopefully that will capture everyone in the 45-60s rest range, but depending on how the first few go, we can always adjust and split up into two pace groups.
Crawlers in action: a “hearty” congratulations to Liz who ran the Heartwood Ten Miler in 78:37 in some brutal (hot and hilly) conditions. Good job, Liz!
Finally, and per usual, the workout is at Cardozo track at 6:30 am. If for some reason the track is closed, we will head over the Banneker Track.
See you there!

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