Work it…rain or shine!

Fellow Runners!

Don’t be afraid of the dark and rain! Join us tomorrow at 6:30 at Cardozo Track for our weekly track workout!
We will do a ladder workout that will get us a little over 3.5 miles:
1600m – 1200m – 1200m – 800m – 800m – 400m
The 1600m will be at 5k pace and the goal will be get faster as we descend. We will take a 400m rest after the mile repeat, then 200m rest for the remaining ladder.
Hope you can make!!


Crawl on!!


Can you believe it’s fall?!

Hi Crawlers!

It’s unofficially fall (although it might not feel like it!). Let’s bring in September with a track workout at 6:30am at Cardozo Track led by Liz:


4×400 with 90 second rests

2×800 with two minute rests

4×400 with 90 second rests

Get your fast legs on! All are welcome and hope to see you there!