Return of Spring, get those laps in!

500m X 700m X 800m, three times through is the workout tomorrow!

We will do short rests between the intervals (100m) and then a longer 400m jog between each set.

Come on out for our weekly Wednesday track workout at 6:30am at Cardozo Track–all are welcome! Liz will be leading from afar in Mexico with this workout (aka I’ll be calling the shots!):

Also, A shout-out to Liz who WON 1st place in 44:59 in the Carrera Colegio Americano 10k down in Mexico! Julie and I won second and first woman, respectively, in a the Backyard Burn 10 mile trail race this Sunday in 1:12 as well.

If anyone is running races, please feel free to send me any results. Definitely fun to share and congratulate each other as race season is upon us!

Crawl on!


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