Cherry Blossom-inspired workout!

Tomorrow we will be having our weekly track workout at Cardozo track 6:30am with 2 options, since there are a few of us getting ready for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday:

Option 1: Wildcard Workout
Jordan will lead whoever is looking for a speed workout. We will have a deck of cards, with the numbers corresponding to the distance (so 2=200m, 3=300m, all the way up to an A=1200m). The total distance will be around 3 miles.
Option 2: Cherry Blossom Warm-up
I’ll lead whoever is gearing up for Cherry blossom into an easy 3-4 miles, doing 6-8 strides sprinkled in for some turn-over.
Is anyone else doing Cherry Blossom on Sunday?! We will see if we can gather for a group photo before and race and always feel free to share times/stories with the group. I know that Alex Tisley will have a small cheer squad going, which anyone is welcome to join as well!

Crawl on!


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