Yasso 800s @ Banneker

Hi Crawlers,

Tomorrow we will be meeting at Bannecker Track for a classic yasso 800s workout.
**The Cardozo gate has been closed for Spring Break, but we should hopefully be able to return next week**
The traditional Yasso workout is 10 x 800. If you would like to do all 10, you are welcome to join me and Caroline starting at 6:10 am. If you would like to do the usual 3 mile of track work, come at the normal 6:30 am start time for 6 x 800. The rest after each interval is supposed to be as long as it takes you to run the 800 (so run the 800m in 3:30, rest for 3:30). Feel free to follow that format.
Otherwise, we will count down ~3 minute from when the leader finishes an interval, and we can use that metric to start each interval as a team.
Finally, congrats to anyone and all who ran Boston yesterday!



Pyramid Scheme (according to runners)

We will be doing a Pyramid Workout (scheme if you will).
400m X 800m X 1000m X 1200m X 1000m X 800m and rest will be 200m walk/jog rest between each.
Meet at 6:30am per usual at Cardozo Track! All are welcome–if you’ve been hibernating this winter, now’s the time to come out!
Crawl on!

2017 Cherry Blossom 10-miler success!


Great job to all the Crawlers who completed the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday! We had a strong showing for a gorgeous race day!
Ashley Etue: 1:09:34
Andy Browne: 1:11:14
Pete Brunner: 1:08:34
Julie Dickerson: 1:04:43
Liz Lauzon (who came back especially from Mexico!): 1:08:07
Caroline Mosley: 1:04:43
Did I miss anyone?!
I think our track workouts are paying off, so stayed tuned for our weekly workout tomorrow!
Crawl on!