400s X Burpee-palozza

Happy Tuesday Crawlers!

So I know you all just had a combo speed strength workout last week, but I am hoping to convince you all to do another strength suffer fest this week! And really you guys should now be conditioned for a burpee-palooza right?
This is a short but pretty intense speed/strength combo. As usual, we meet at Cardozo and move over to Banneker if the track is locked. Workout includes: Every 3 minutes, complete 1x 400m. When you finish the interval, do as many burpees as you can before the 3 minutes finish. Repeat 8 times, count your total burpees.
The goal is to get more burpees than everyone else! Because there are a million burpee variations, if you want to compete against your running peers, choose a variation where your chest contacts the ground.
Since this portion of the workout is only 24 minutes, we can finish on some hills or a quick ab workout.
Credit to coach David Magida for the workout idea! See you guys tomorrow!
Crawl on!

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