Dog days of summer timed workout

Heya Crawlers,

It’s the dog days of summer but don’t let that scare you away from the track! Join us tomorrow at 6:30am at Banneker Track for a timed workout:
Run 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 minute repetitions at your 5K race pace, jogging for half the time of the preceding repetition for recovery between intervals. So after the 1-minute interval, jog for 30 seconds, after the 2-minute interval, jog for a minute, after the 3-minute interval, jog for 90 seconds, and so forth, all the way till the end.
Bring plenty of water and see you tomorrow!

Meridian Hill workout!

Tomorrow we are going to mix it up and meet at Meridian Hill Park at 6:30am for a hill + strength workout. We will meet at the NE corner, right inside the park.
We will plan on starting with four hill laps (up 15th street, up 16th street, up 15th street-side stairs, up 16th street-side stairs) with strength sets (squats, burpees, abs, push ups) inbetween laps.
Just a reminder that Cardozo will be closed until mid-August so we are exploring other options!