Mile repeats–love to hate’em

Hey there Crawlers,

For tomorrow let’s do the workout we all love to hate: MILE REPEATS!
1st mile @ 5-10s slower than 5k pace (400 rest)
2nd mile @ 5k pace (400 rest)
3rd mile @ 5-10s faster than 5k pace (400 rest)
We think Cardozo MAY be open, so plan on that for 6:30am. BUT if Cardozo is closed, head over to Banneker a few blocks east to start around 6:35am.
This is a good workout to gauge fitness/fast twitch muscles heading into the fall race season. Speaking of which, good luck to anyone running any race (road, trail, obstacle, triatholon!) and keep the group posted on results.
See ya on the track!

Off-beat repeats!

Hey Crawlers,

Meet at Banneker Track at 6:30am sharp for our weekly track workout!
Since our beloved Banneker track is such a strange shape… how about some off-beat repeats?
500m X 600m X 700m X 800m X 800m X 700m X 600m X 500m 

For the 500s, 600s, 700s, we will  jog back to the starting line for the recovery, aiming to keep it <2 minutes total before heading into the next repeat. For the 800s, we can do a 200m jog out and back as the recovery.

Crawl on!