Working it out with Pre!

2×200, 4×400, 1000, 800, 2×400, 2×200


Hey there, Crawlers

Meet at 6:30am at Cardozo Track for our weekly track workout! Our very own Bruce will be leading the workout: half of Steve Prefontaine’s high school workout of November 20, 1968 from his senior year right after cross country season.

2×200, 4×400, 1000, 800, 2×400, 2×200, at a little faster than 5K pace with the 400s and 200s at the end at mile pace.  One-half the distance of the speed interval for recovery each time.

Trinkets for your running shoes!

1600m X 800m X 1000m  X (4×400)

Hi there Crawlers,

Per my Christian German heritage, tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Day! The best part (in my family) was leaving our shoes out by the door and getting little trinkets… so here’s a trinket for your running shoes!
We will do some repeats, focusing a on pushing the last lap–meet 6:30am at Cardozo Track, all are welcome!
  • 1600m  — last lap hard, (400m team lap rest)
  • 800m — last lap hard (usual out and back 200m rest)
  • 1000m  — last lap hard (jog back 200m rest)
  • 4×400 (grab a partner — while they run their 400m, you rest, and vice versa until you’ve each done 4 x 400s)
Crawl on!

Speed + strength (and great job racers!)

3 X 1200m with some burpees, pushups and more!

Hiya Crawlers,

It’s feeling a bit more like fall! Let’s meet 6:30am at Cardozo track for our weekly track workout! Let’s mix some strength and speed tomorrow morning. This will have minimal rest and is meant to push us!
100m lunges
20 push ups
1 min plank
15 burpees
30 sec side plank (each side)
15 jump squats
3 stadium step sprints (time-dependent!)
Also, a big shout-out to all those who ran in the Marine Corp Marathon this past weekend! Julie and I were able to see both Jordan (3:14) and Pete (3:17) absolutely crush it on the course despite that heat! Hope everyone who ran is taking a nice rest but hope to have us you back on the track soon!
Crawl on,

How fast ya feeling?

7 minute timed
400 (fast)
3 minute timed
400 (fast)
7 minute timed
400 (fast)

Hi all,

Join us tomorrow at 6:30am at the Cardozo Track for our weekly workout, all are welcome!

It will be a little bit of timed intervals and a little bit of 400’s:

7 minute timed
400 (fast)
3 minute timed
400 (fast)
7 minute timed

400 (fast)


The “rest and recovery” will be the jog back from wherever you are on the track to the start. After the 400’s, we can do a quick 100m recovery (50m out and 50m back).

See ya tomorrow!

Sprinting into fall!

Heya Crawlers,
Join us 6:30am at Cardozo Track (moving over to Banneker if closed) for our weekly track workouts!
If you thought we were changing it up and going to a pool for once then you were DEAD. WRONG. ​(and I really don’t know where you got that idea from tbh).
Check it.
We will have some rest between these intervals… but probably not quite enough (as always)
See you tomorrow!

Mile repeats–love to hate’em

Hey there Crawlers,

For tomorrow let’s do the workout we all love to hate: MILE REPEATS!
1st mile @ 5-10s slower than 5k pace (400 rest)
2nd mile @ 5k pace (400 rest)
3rd mile @ 5-10s faster than 5k pace (400 rest)
We think Cardozo MAY be open, so plan on that for 6:30am. BUT if Cardozo is closed, head over to Banneker a few blocks east to start around 6:35am.
This is a good workout to gauge fitness/fast twitch muscles heading into the fall race season. Speaking of which, good luck to anyone running any race (road, trail, obstacle, triatholon!) and keep the group posted on results.
See ya on the track!