2017 Cherry Blossom 10-miler success!


Great job to all the Crawlers who completed the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday! We had a strong showing for a gorgeous race day!
Ashley Etue: 1:09:34
Andy Browne: 1:11:14
Pete Brunner: 1:08:34
Julie Dickerson: 1:04:43
Liz Lauzon (who came back especially from Mexico!): 1:08:07
Caroline Mosley: 1:04:43
Did I miss anyone?!
I think our track workouts are paying off, so stayed tuned for our weekly workout tomorrow!
Crawl on!

Cherry Blossom (2016) 10 miler results

Cherry blossoms peaked early this year in March! Credit: C. Mosley

The Crawlers had a strong showing at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler despite some windy and cold conditions (and the cherry blossoms past peak bloom!). Great to job to all!


Sebastian Csaszar: 71:51

Julie Dickerson: 68:36

Matt Eddy: 68:12

Ashley Etue: 69:45

Jordan King: 70:20

Caroline Mosley: 68:36

Charlie Stern: 62:46

Looks like a solid start to this summer! Crawl on!





Love The Run You’re With 5k Results


We had a chilly race for the Love The Run You’re With 5k in Alexandria on February 14, 2016! We had a small but solid crew brave the cold-Julie Dickerson, Sam Gulland, and myself (Caroline Mosley). Despite the conditions (probably around 10 degrees Fahrenheit), we bundled up and ran hard ūüôā

Julie: 19:32, 2nd female overall

Caroline: 20:18

Sam Gulland: 21:01 (He said was going to run a 21:00 minute 5k and was true to his word!

Please stay tuned for future races! And please feel free to share your results with the crew as well!

Crawl On,


2010 Spring Crawler Meet: Ducks fly by competition in record setting Spring Medley

In come behind fashion,, the Ducks dominated the Co-Ed Sprint Medley, finishing in record time in 5:05.  Tigers were 2nd in 5:21, followed by Turkeys in 5:40.

Herbert brothers, Jake and Ted, dominate all events. ¬†Jake won the shot by putting the bocce ball ‘super far’, and his brother, Ted, with an endless resource of energy, wins 3200,1600, and 800. ¬†In the first two races, he drafted carefully behind Andre.¬†

In women’s competiton, Lauren G benefits from perfect drafting off Irish pacer, Martin, to set record 3200 as she gets ready for Boston. ¬†Melissa W takes a brief break from all the trail running and wins super fast 1600 and 800.

Finally, huge thank you to Patrick for being the race starter, time, and record keeper!  Tom Donnelly would have been proud. 

Great times had by all!

Below are our results! 

3200 Meters:

Ted: 10:30 (Crawlers Record, previous from last summer 10:56)

Andy: 10:31

Sam: 10:56

Charlie: 11:28

Ben: 11:29

Lauren G: 13:30 (Crawler Record, in the summer she ran 13:48)

Martin: 13:30

1600 Meters:

Ted: 4:42 (Crawlers record)

Andre: 4:51

Brad: 5:20

Gareth: 5:47

Aaron: 5:58

Jake: 6:02

Andy: 6:10

Melissa: 6:21 (Crawlers Record)

Annie: 6:39

Margaret: 6:42

Charlotte: 6:46

Stephanie: 6:47

Lauren G: 6:55

Lauren M: 7:17

800 Meters:

Ted: 2:19 (Crawlers Record)

Brad: 2:29

Charlie: 2:30

Ben: 2:32

Sam: 2:41


Gareth: 2:49

Jake: 2:52

Andy: 2:54

Martin: 2:58

Melissa: 3:03

Lauren G: 3:14

Stephanie: 3:24

Co-Ed Sprint Relay:

Ducks: 5:05 (Crawler record; previous record Tigers 5:31)

Tigers: 5:21

Turkeys: 5:40

Shot Put:

Jake: Super far

Everyone else: Not as far