Yasso 800s @ Banneker

Hi Crawlers,

Tomorrow we will be meeting at Bannecker Track for a classic yasso 800s workout.
**The Cardozo gate has been closed for Spring Break, but we should hopefully be able to return next week**
The traditional Yasso workout is 10 x 800. If you would like to do all 10, you are welcome to join me and Caroline starting at 6:10 am. If you would like to do the usual 3 mile of track work, come at the normal 6:30 am start time for 6 x 800. The rest after each interval is supposed to be as long as it takes you to run the 800 (so run the 800m in 3:30, rest for 3:30). Feel free to follow that format.
Otherwise, we will count down ~3 minute from when the leader finishes an interval, and we can use that metric to start each interval as a team.
Finally, congrats to anyone and all who ran Boston yesterday!


Cherry Blossom-inspired workout!

Tomorrow we will be having our weekly track workout at Cardozo track 6:30am with 2 options, since there are a few of us getting ready for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday:

Option 1: Wildcard Workout
Jordan will lead whoever is looking for a speed workout. We will have a deck of cards, with the numbers corresponding to the distance (so 2=200m, 3=300m, all the way up to an A=1200m). The total distance will be around 3 miles.
Option 2: Cherry Blossom Warm-up
I’ll lead whoever is gearing up for Cherry blossom into an easy 3-4 miles, doing 6-8 strides sprinkled in for some turn-over.
Is anyone else doing Cherry Blossom on Sunday?! We will see if we can gather for a group photo before and race and always feel free to share times/stories with the group. I know that Alex Tisley will have a small cheer squad going, which anyone is welcome to join as well!

Crawl on!

Rewind: Mile repeats (for real).

Meet at 6:30am at Cardozo Track on this 3rd day of spring for 3 X 1 mile repeats. Aim to have the first repeat at 5k pace, and then get progressively faster with each repeat.
We will have a 400m jog between each and maybe do some strides at the end (time-permitting).
(This is a re-do from last week since few of us decided NOT to skate our way around the track)

No such thing as a snow day for runners!

Hey Crawlers,

We will keep it nice and simple: 3 X 1 mile repeats with 400m rest between each mile.
Workout is ON for tomorrow--per Zachary’s track report there should be some open spots, so we can hopefully get a few laps in!
As usual, 6:30am workout at Cardozo Track. Let’s aim for 5k pace or faster depending on how the track looks.
Hopefully everyone got some good rest with the “snow day” 😉
See you on the track!

Return of Spring, get those laps in!

500m X 700m X 800m, three times through is the workout tomorrow!

We will do short rests between the intervals (100m) and then a longer 400m jog between each set.

Come on out for our weekly Wednesday track workout at 6:30am at Cardozo Track–all are welcome! Liz will be leading from afar in Mexico with this workout (aka I’ll be calling the shots!):

Also, A shout-out to Liz who WON 1st place in 44:59 in the Carrera Colegio Americano 10k down in Mexico! Julie and I won second and first woman, respectively, in a the Backyard Burn 10 mile trail race this Sunday in 1:12 as well.

If anyone is running races, please feel free to send me any results. Definitely fun to share and congratulate each other as race season is upon us!

Crawl on!

Chase the rain away track workout!

We are planning on having a workout tomorrow 6:30am at the usual place, Cardozo Track! If we decide to cancel, I will send out an email around 6:00am, otherwise consider the workout ON.
Unless it is pouring, I’ll probably be at the track, so I hope to see some friendly (maybe wet) faces out there!
1.5 mile (10k speeding up to 5k pace) X 1 mile (as fast you can!) X 0.5 mile (5k pace)
We will do a 400m jog between each set as a rest, if it’s raining we will duck beneath the bleachers!
See ya tomorrow!