Baltimore Crawler Photos and Marathon results

I seem to be blogging challenged.  This comes as no real surprise.  My goal is to put pictures in posts, as opposed to new pages.  Don’t know how to do it! Here’s my SOS call for brighter bloggers out there.

I wanted to post some great photos from our wondeful, yet wet, weekend in Baltimore as well as give a shout out to those folks who have and will run a marathon this fall.

These include the Crawler’s 4th Place finish in the Women’s Marathon Relay in Baltimore.  The awesome team of Lauren McFerran, Lauren Gabler, Melanie Nakagawa, and Melissa Waage.   Ben also ran a 1:26 half marathon on a pretty hilly course and even had the decency to slow down and say hi during my shuffling stage of miles 19-26 of the marathon.

Also, it’s important to give special attention to our marathoners this year, especially those who ran Boston Qualifiers.  And from what I can see, it looks like Ben and Melissa are getting in great shape for their North Central Trail Marathon at the end of November.

Marathon Results:

Annie Hickman, 3:27 in Chicago, a Boston Qualifier

Lauren Gabler, 3:30 in Marine Corps, a Boston Qualifier

Sam McFerran, 3:32 in Baltimore

Crawl on!


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