Solid workout in the Rain & Veterans Day 10k

Great job to all those who braved the rain today.  2 x 12 minutes is always a pretty solid workout, especially in the rain.  I’m always amazed and inspired by the Crawlers who come out in not the most desirable weather.  And I thought the six of us looked pretty good.  It was also great to welcome Kevin to his first crawler workout.  It’s always great to see a fellow Ford!

This Sunday is the Veterans Day 10k.  It’s a pretty popular race that will attract a big field.  Also, being located in West Potomac Park, it’s a pretty fast course, one where you might be able to set a pr! I know that Ben and Anthony were contemplating running.  If 5 people were interested, we could have a team.  If you plan on running, post below – so we can see how quickly we can get to 5. The website is below:





Workout for Wednesday, November 11th!

Happy Veterans Day! Today may be a wet one.

Let’s plan at meeting at the Bannecker Track at 7:00 AM.

The workout will be longer intervals of 2 x 12 minutes (a core half marathon and marathon workout)!

Bannecker Track is on Barry Place (South of Euclid) between 9th and 7th Street NW.

The reason we’re not going to Cardozo is I suspect it may be closed because of the holiday.

Crawl on, DC Runners!

Welcome to the running website of the Cardozo Crawlers, DC’s most enthusiastic running club.  We are a friendly bunch of runners of all ages and abilities who enjoy running.  This website will serve as a virtual meeting place where people can learn about workouts, long runs, up-coming races, as well as chicken-wing eating opportunities.

Most of the time, we meet at Cardozo or Bannecker Track at 6:30 Am on Wednesdays.  Other Wednesdays, we do fartlek workouts along Rock Creek Path.

We run many races in the region, often competing as teams.  

Although we take pride in our running, we take even more pride in being a friendly supportive group of folks who love running, seeing one another improve, and dragging each other out of bed to do Yasso 800s!

We’d love to see you out there! Crawl on!