Chase the rain away track workout!

We are planning on having a workout tomorrow 6:30am at the usual place, Cardozo Track! If we decide to cancel, I will send out an email around 6:00am, otherwise consider the workout ON.
Unless it is pouring, I’ll probably be at the track, so I hope to see some friendly (maybe wet) faces out there!
1.5 mile (10k speeding up to 5k pace) X 1 mile (as fast you can!) X 0.5 mile (5k pace)
We will do a 400m jog between each set as a rest, if it’s raining we will duck beneath the bleachers!
See ya tomorrow!

A creatively simple 5X1000

Hey there Crawlers!

Join us tomorrow at 6:30am at Cardozo Track for our weekly Wednesday workout. Weather is looking TERRIFIC so no “winter weather” excuses!

Listen up you possible miscreants, tomorrow’s workout is gonna be fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun hard maybe? Nor will it be very innovative so stop trying to juice my creativity.

It’s simple:

5×1000, with the first 800 at normal 1k speed and a kick on the last 200.
We will have short rests in between. The purpose of this is to work hard and if that’s your idea of good time then congrats!
See you on the track!

Hills on Hills on Hills!

Hey Crawlers,

Let’s meet at 6:30am tomorrow at Cardozo Track (if closed, we will head to Banneker shortly thereafter)!
I think it’s time we get some hills back in our diet! Let’s do 6 hills as described below:
The hill sprint will start at 11th and Florida, running up 11th Street and turning onto Euclid, ending at 13th and Euclid. Then our recovery jog will be down 13th and back to 11th and Florida.
The hill sprint is about 600m, aiming for a comfortable and sustainable pace that you can keep for each repitition. The total hill + recovery is about 0.75 miles, so 6 reps will set as 4.5 miles (if we are short on time, we can do 5).
All our welcome! Hope to see you out there!

Workout for the race season

Hi Crawlers!
Join us tomorrow (2/8/17) for our weekly track workout.
Tomorrow’s workout will be a bit longer than usual. Please be ready to start PROMPTLY at 6:30AM! As usual we will meet tomorrow at the Cardozo Track, and if that is locked up, we will migrate as a group to the Banneker Track.

Race season is quickly approaching! With being one month out from the RnR half and full, we are going to do some longer intervals with cut-downs. You can choose a faster “half marathon pace” with a longer recovery, or a slower “marathon pace” with a shorter recovery.

Workout is 2 x 2 mile interval sets (**option for shorter workout at the end**):

1.      Half-marathon focus:

  • Start at HM goal pace. Every 800 meters drop your mile pace by 10 sec (or drop your 800 meter splits by 5 sec)
    • Example: If I start out at 7 min mile pace, I want my 800 meter splits to be: 3:30; 3:25; 3:20; 3:15
  • Rest 3 minutes between sets

2.      Marathon focus:

  • Start at marathon goal pace. Every 800 meters drop your mile pace by 10 sec (or drop your 800 meter splits by 5 sec)
    • Example: If I start out at 7:30 min mile pace, I want my 800 meter splits to be: 3:45; 3:40; 3:35; 3:30
  • Rest 2 minutes between sets

**Because we will likely spread out during each interval, and due to time constraints, you are responsible for keeping time of your own rest and starting your next interval on time.**

If you cannot stick around for the entire 2 x 2 miles, cut your second interval down to 1 mile. Start at 10k speed and progressively work down to 5k speed each 400m.

Crawl on!

P.S. This will Liz’s last workout before she ships off to Mexico City for the next 6 (+) months! Also, say congrats to Sebastian on being a married (and who will also be sadly leaving us at the end of February).

A February welcome!

Hiya Crawlers!

Meet at 6:30am at Cardozo Track for our first weekly workout of February 2017! If the gates are closed, we will move over to Bannecker.This workout is all about pacing, and the goal is to focus on the last mile and see what we can do.

1600 (5-10k pace – warm up)
400 (start feeling the speed)
800 (lock in at solid 5k pace)
400 (sub 5k pace)
1600 (as fast as you can)
Between repeats, we will have 1-2 minutes of rest, depending on how tired I am. 😉
Finally, here’s a little piece of inspirational running news.
Crawl on!

Inaugural Awkward Pyramid Reps!

Hi there Crawlers!

Let’s do an ‘inaugural’ workout on the track that’s all sorts of awkward… meet at 6:30am at Cardozo Track (we will move to Banneker shortly thereafter if the gate is closed). All are welcome and the weather is looking pretty swell!
Awkward Rep Pyramid
2 laps of jogging curves and striding straights
600 (1.5 laps)
1000 (2.5 laps)
1400 (3.5 laps)
1000 (2.5 laps)
600 (1.5 laps)
See you on the track!!

Back to basics w/800s + hills

Let’s get back to the basics (lead by the wonderful Ashley) with some standard 800m and hill repeats. ALL ARE WELCOME and we will plan to meet at the Cardozo Track to start our work out at 6:30 am. If it is locked, we will run over to the Banneker track after giving a few minutes for stragglers.

3x 800m @ 3k-5k pace (90 sec rest between)
3/4 x 13th st hill, take your rest of the downhill
3x 800m @ 3k-5k pace (90 sec rest between)
Try to stay consistent between the 1st and 2nd set of 800’s, or even better, try for faster intervals!
Temps should be warm enough in the District that we shouldn’t have any ice concerns.
Hope to see you tomorrow and crawl on!
P.S. Great seeing all those that made it to the holiday party !